vip pets

If you would like your pet or working dog to join the VIP pets we already have on board, please get in touch with us.

We ensure we provide all our VIP pets with the best possible service and we have found this shows in the marked improvement in the behaviour and temperament of the dogs. Many of our regular VIP pets love returning to us for dog boarding, others are known for waiting at the window for our van to arrive in the mornings for doggy day care. Our aim is to keep providing the very best pet care service possible at all times.

You can find further details about the VIP pet services by E-Mailing us from the Enquiry page.

For you and your dog's reasurance...

  • Full Insured
  • Full Boarding Licence Hillingdon Council
  • Professionally Trained Carers

Going the extra mile...

  • Police Checked
  • MoD Cleared
  • SIA Licenced
  • NTIPDU & BIPDT Trained Carers